What was the last LED light you purchased and why?



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Dec 28, 2020
IDK if it counts, but I bought a Victorinox Traveller Lite and I think that the built-in LED is barely, but just enough for EDC.


Sep 29, 2012
I received a Fenix HL60R today.
On Amazon it was available with a gray band or with a blue band, with a large price difference between the two.
I bought the one with the gray band which was cheaper, according to Fenix to whom I sent the photos it has an XM-L2 T6 led - while with the blue band it has an XM-L2 U2.
I received the one with the blue band and checking the serial number it mounts a XM-L2 U2.
I don't understand if it was an error in shipping or if it is a problem with Amazon having old photos.
Decent tint it is white around 5000 K.
I liked this headlamp, it is more compact than I thought looking at the photos.
Why did I buy it?
A captivating aesthetic that has always attracted me, also a lot of positive feedback from speleo.
I ordered an old HL55 a few days ago but it hasn't been shipped yet for the Chinese holiday.


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Feb 14, 2002
Drifting a bit off-topic, perhaps, but this thread hasn't moved since I was on here about a week ago, so...
My "newest" light is actually my latest Malkoff body(MDC 123) and newest li-ion batteries, both 2021 purchases, paired with some of my oldest Malkoff parts-an original VME bezel from 2009 and a M61N from 2012.
No bells or whistles, but "regulated" output that's probably similar to a current M61NLL due to running in DD on one of Keeppower's constant output 3V R123s.
Much as I sometimes appreciate the multiple modes of the MDC head, and of my Zebralights, I thought I'd go back to a single mode light for a bit "just to see", and have to admit I have no complaints. I'm well accustomed to using a light with only one brightness level for a wide variety of tasks, as that's what I do at work, where the vast majority of my flashlight use occurs.
Well, I've been using it at work, too, for everything that doesn't require a lot of reach, as well as my EDC.
Kinda reminiscent of switching from gears to single speed when mountain biking, it's in the "wrong" gear most of the time, but some part of your brain relaxes from not having to shift, no matter how automatic that had seemed, and it's just...nice.
What's really weird is that I carried the same M61N running on an 18650 in a MD2 as my work light for >8yrs, and have thousands of hours of use on it, yet am still going around playing with it, and randomly shining it on stuff like I've developed New Toy Syndrome over this dimmer version of the exact same thing:au:



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Apr 1, 2021
up until 7 years ago I used to do a lot of cycling. Both commuting on road and mountain biking off. Since stopping due to becoming a full time carer then health problems of my own I have gained a lot of weight and completely lost my fitness. And need to lose some weight before I even think about getting back in the saddle. I recently sorted through my bike lights and the batteries had deteriorated, I put new batteries in some but most had either built in or replaceable proprietary batteries that were obsolete.

So as an incentive to lose some weight and get back out on two wheels I have just bought new lights. A fenix bc30 v2 for my commuter, an exposure joystick mk15 for my helmet and a moon canopus for mountainbiking.

I have already dusted off and serviced one of my old bikes ready to go.
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