What Will Be Your Next Knife Purchase?


Dec 20, 2005
So, what's on your list for your next knife purchase? I bought a Sebenza several months ago and liked it so much I bought a Inkosi. I also have Spyderco PM2 on the way--just the plain Jane black handle, satin finish, and S30V steel. I already had a Military in S110.

I'm actually thinking about getting another Ganzo auto. I have been fully impressed by this knife. Yes, it's made in China and the 440c steel was great 22 years ago but this thing absolutely flies out and I've put a razor sharp edge on it. And after seeing the quality of the Ganzo, I took the plunge and went for the Kizer orange sunburst. I really hate to admit it but these premium Chinese brands are changing my mind regarding Chinese made knifes. I used to stick to USA and Seki-City,axe knives.

BTW, this forum is brutal on my iPad. It won't edit or load very quickly and it tends to freeze up. This is the entire forum--not just the knife section. Forget about editing--that's just pure luck.