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Jan 5, 2002
Bay Area
Since I already ran a run of boxes for the Makita Dock I am now working on fleshing out all the components to make the Makita box a full solution.

I am not sure if the box as a component will be desireable. My next steps will be in a complete redo of the boards for the box to be more modular. My plan will be to make the base board which will house the microprocessor, switch, LED and such and then the converter will mount to this.

The plan will allow mounting 1 or 2 Blue Sharks or 1-2 Shark Bucks, 1 Irakongi Buck or 1 Irakongi Boost.

The initial offering will most likely be the base board, two Shark Bucks and two beehive heads configured as a tri-Rebel and McR10R reflectors. The battery will be optional and the charger and batteries are easy to come by on ebay and elsewhere.

I will also strive to make the Irakongi boards fit in the Cree Bar along with a microprocessor board and that will also be made available as a completed custom light here on CPF. There will be an interest and signup list as I will only make these on demand if there is demand for these.

You can see a new head prototyped for the Makita box here.


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