whats the cheapest way to power light


*the raggedier*
Aug 11, 2003
my guess would be gasoline. but maybe leds caught up .. perhaps kerosene? so whats ya input on this


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Jul 20, 2016
The Mountains (they were calling....)
In the most general sense; batteries charged via solar panels, then batteries charged via AC, then maybe purchasing large quantities of cheap (albeit mediocre) alkaleaks.

The reality of it is not quite so simple though. You have to take into account how many lights are you running? For how long? How much power do they draw? If you're using rechargeable cells, what's your start-up cost for them and the equipment used to charge them? If you're not using solar, how much electricity are you using to charge them? Also, at what point does it all pay for itself?

I think it's best to use whatever works most conveniently and most efficiently for you. For lights that use standard-size batteries, I prefer LSD NiMH cells. When I go camping I know roughly how much light I'll need, how long I'll be running my lights and whether a single set of batteries will be able to handle or whether I need to bring a back-up set. As far as having lights on hand for emergencies during the off-season, I just check them periodically to be sure they haven't run down.

Kerosene is fine to burn indoors, but I don't use it so I can't speak for it's efficiency. Gasoline, propane, etc is OK for camping, but t doesn't work for indoor emergency lighting, for obvious reasons. :shakehead


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Apr 30, 2015
the old kero lanterns were brighter than the gas ones, but they were a PIA to light.....still no way to beat rechargeable batteries!