When to replace my Rechargeable Batteries


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Nov 9, 2005
I use a lot of 16340 and/or RCR123A's. I'm an electrician and I have a Sunwayman V11R and OrlightHR1 headlamp that I use constantly. I've been looking at the Fenix HM50R v2.0 (maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas) but the Orlight is fine until the elastic band gives out.

I recharge daily, keep a spare in my pocket (wrapped in non-residue tape) and more in the truck. Right now I have some Fenix 700Ah 16340's that are dated 2015 and some Orlight 3.7V 650Ah RCR123A's that don't seem to be dated but I bought in January 2019.

I use a Nitecore D4 charger.

I haven't noticed any problems with the batteries but it seems like a long time so I'm wondering when I should replace them?

I also need some rechargeable AA's for my AM/FM/Weather radio.


Also, I think that it's policy not to recommend vendors on these forums but I assume that Amazon is bad. So how to I find reputable vendors and what are the better batteries for me? haha...

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Dec 13, 2007
2100 charge Panasonic Eneloops for the AAs.
Orbtronic cells for the 16340s if they’ll fit in your lights (highest capacity cells tend to be longer). Fenix, Nitecore, Klarus, or Olight cells otherwise. Electrical work must be hard on those poor little cells. When I last worked on a lighting crew, I drained at least an 18650 a day using my Nitecore HC60 headlight at the 220 lumen setting for a full shift (battery lasted over 7 hours). You’re using batteries with 1/5 the capacity. Might want to consider going up to a larger light.


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May 8, 2017
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A friend gave me a Zebralight H600c Mk IV 18650, I use it all the time, very good light for close work. At an average level, there will be enough light for more than 12 hours of shift. If you need lightness, then a zebra with an eneloop will be very good H53c or H53Fc

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