Where do I find high intensity tiny Leds, like those on iPhones and the likes?


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Apr 13, 2014
Hi all, I am looking for a high intensity daylight balanced but as tiny as possible Led for photographic application. Right now I use a 5mm 350mw Led that works real well, with 5 chips. The problem is size, I need it to be in the likes of 3mm, perhaps even less. When I see those in iPhones and Samsung Galaxy I believe there must be something similar available somewhere on the market. I need them for my iris camera (www.iriso.mx), the light reflection has to be as tiny as possible, which is not the case with the actual 5mm ones.
Thanks for your suggestions.


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Jan 29, 2009
You are looking for a domeless high power LED. Something that has the highest surface brightness.

Do you have any lumen requirement, or light quality requirement, or is typical LED 70-80CRI alright? The fewer lumens you need, the smaller LED you can use.

MagLite Solitaire LED has a Luxeon C, which is a domeless, high lux high efficiency LED. If these are available around you, you might consider buying one to try out. You can completely unscrew head for "candle mode" (LED stays on without reflector on top), and see how that illuminates irises. If good, then yay! If not, then at least you have a new pocket flashlight :laughing:
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