Which user friendly charger for 18650/AA/AAA?


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Nov 8, 2015

I've used a Thrunite charger for my 18650's and regular AA/AAA's for some time. It has been working well until now as the display stopped working.

Looking for a replacement charger, see requirements below.

What good chargers are available right now? I've looked at some reviews at lygte-info.dk but it seems there are no recent charger reviews there.
Is there any other good place to find recent and up to date reviews of chargers?

- 4 individual slots
- Supporting 18650 (Sanyo, LG, Sony, Fenix, Olight etc.) and AA/AAA (mainly Eneloop, Eneloop Pro's and Ikea equivalents, GP Recyko batteries).
- Display the individual slots' charging status (requiring no clicks, all visible at the same time). Preferrably in percentage and/or at least 3-4 steps of completion.
- Error message if battery is put in wrong, not healthy, etc.
- Clear indicator when battery is fully charged (per slot).
- Possible to set different charging currents per individual slot, e.g. AA's charging 500 mA, 18650 charging 1000 mA (or more, see below).
- Charging current: 500 mA to min 1000 mA, preferrably up to 2000 mA but should be possible to select per slot (and the slots should not share the charging current).
- And of course a secure, healthy and reliable charging of the batteries, e.g. no issue of batteries are left in the charger when fully charged.
- Price range? Hard to tell, depending on how accurate it fits the requirements. $40-70 maybe? Wiggle room here.

No need for, but also no issue if it has it:
- Test feature.
- Refresh/repair feature.
- Powerbank feature.

Magnus in Sweden
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Mar 22, 2013
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You will get an awful lot of recommendations here. But realistically they're all about the same. From any of the main manufacturers. I mostly have miboxer chargers, but that is because they sent them to me for review and I kept them. But anything by XTAR is going to be good as well. The vp4 dragon is pretty cool but it has features you may not need and it's a little bit pricier. Or the vc4+ this one has all bays information at once and is usb-c
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Aug 26, 2005
VC4SL is my favorite set-and-forget charger which still has eye-candy (displays). Compared to your list, it doesn't have a powerbank feature and it lets you set charge rates, but not per slot. By default, it will automatically select the appropriate charge rate for each battery slot based on the battery's resistance. ( https://www.xtar.cc/product/XTAR-VC4SL-Charger-178.html )

VC2SL is a 2-bay version which DOES have a powerbank function but it automatically sets charge rate based on battery resistance with no manual override. ( https://www.xtar.cc/product/XTAR-VC2SL-Charger-189.html )

The XTAR chargers will charge batteries other chargers reject. Occasionally I've found a battery in such rough shape that even the XTAR chargers turn their nose up at it too.

There's no shortage of charger options out there.