Why Buy All These Bulbs...


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Apr 10, 2002
Raleigh, NC

Incandescent nostalgia? $15 worth of 3-cell PR bulbs that, really, I don't need. KPR103 and 130 in 10-packs because, why not? Also some vacuum PR versions. And a couple of HPR44 and a HPR53 because, though comparatively expensive, they might be neat.

Back in 1985 I had a 6V lantern that came with a halogen (HPR51? HPR50?) that was really bright at the time (60lm? tight focus) and never burnt out (my parents still have and use it occasionally)

I got a bunch of Maglites, including a 3D and 3C incandescent that _weren't_ the new Xenon type. Also got a 4D and 2D xenon, and I do have an old PR collar so could use those. Somewhere I have two other collars from InReTech triple-luxeon upgrades. Never mind the handful of xenon official maglite bulbs I got with them because, well, they _are_ really good incandescent bulbs. Not sure how the bi-pin are better than the PR mag-num-star version, but whatever. Maybe so people won't put PR bulbs in the lights and wonder why it's not as bright any more (same maglite logic that had them saying OMG! No rechargeables! for so long).

Anyway, some cheap fun just having a pile of 3-cell flashlight bulbs. A Sofirn IF22A came in the same day's mail. Guess I just like flashlights.


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Sep 20, 2020
"...that famous Texas part of Hamburg"
I need to order bulbs for my microscope lamp and the seller lists bulb for 33 cents. Description says for pack of 10. So I messaged the seller if thats correct and am waiting for a reply. If yes im gonna end up with 100 of those. But I cant imagine.


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Jan 1, 2015
For 3-cell / 3.6V bulb, a few years ago I bought 160pcs of this bulb called WIXPR31017 XPR3.
It is a 3.6V 0.85A Xenon bulb, made in Japan. Beautiful beam pattern because the head is perfectly round.
I also have:
Maglite LWSA301 Krypton 130pcs
Maglite LMSA301 Krypton 90pcs
Osram HPR53 24pcs this 4V Halogen bulb is also for 3-cell


The biggest problem I have is that I use less than 1 piece of this 3.6V bulb per year. So they are just for collection...
My suggestion is, you do not need to worry so much and buy so many bulbs.
If you really need to store so many of these, you better wait until someone is selling a large lot with a good price. This could happen once in a few years so be patient.
Another suggestion is that Xenon / Halogen are the best, then Maglite or Philips. Avoid CEC.