Why Buy All These Bulbs...

Dr. Jones

Newly Enlightened
Oct 7, 2023
Princeton, New Jersey
Over a decade ago I ordered 150 PR2 bulbs for a relative pittance from an electronics supply house that was closing them out. I wanted a good supply of bulbs that, when run using two NiMh cells at a combined 2.8 nominal volts, would have considerable longevity. Brightness wasn't a factor, as I planned on using them in a dark-adapted environment. So far, neither of the two bulbs from that lot that I've used have burned out yet from regular use.


Aug 27, 2006
So awhile back was having an issue finding a certain type of incandescent bulb for a wall light-fixture in my bedroom. Usually would go to a certain Ace Hardware store that had them in stock for years. Well, not anymore. Time to hop onto the interwebs. Found them! Or, so I thought. They were ridiculously expensive. But figured that was due to the fact that this company might now be the only one continuing to make them. Alright, no choice. Really wanted them. Bought 6 instead of 8 due to the costs involved. They arrived and.......

They're LEDs. All of them. Hop back on the site where I got them. Only at the very bottom of the page, where I didn't scroll, does it say LED. I wanted to immediately ship them back. But, I was fed up with searching for them. So, decided to try out the LED version. Well, they're a soft LED; and they work. Light output maybe a hair below what the inca. versions were producing. Runtimes far longer on these LEDs. Yeah, I'm keeping them and using them.

I'm just so over with having to replace certain things at certain times every frickin' year. It gets aggravating. Especially each year, when some certain items becomes more and more scarce. Until they're just gone, and now you're on Craig's List or eBay trying to hunt down used stock that still works. That's okay with some things. Not lamps.