Why do I feel guilty buying Chinese lights over American?


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Jun 11, 2006
Raven said:
The perils of a two party system. Both Democrats and Republicans promote "free trade", and that leaves little choice for voters.

Yeah, the Parties put on a show of fighting with each other, but on stuff that's important to them - free trade and globalization, mass immigration to hold wages down, etc. - they conspire together against the American people.


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Dec 22, 2006
Nowadays it ist almost impossible to buy things that are completly made in USA / Germany or elsewhere.

F.e. Computer, all (99,9% or even more) of the CD-Drives or lets say the mechanism of the Drive is Made in China /Singapore or elsewhere.

Global Economy rules the World and there is no way to avoid it and if so you have to leave realism apart and live like an Amish or something like that with a huge garden to grow your own fruits and potaoes and an fountain and solar power and no electric stuff. Only than it is possible to say "Everything Made in USA ---Germany-----"

I´m not feeling guilty:
If I like a product and the price <----> value is ok I´ll buy it, no matter if it is made in China or USA or on the Moon.......
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May 2, 2006
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x2x3x2 said:
Or how about the false capabilities of US missiles during that time which was initially made public? 70-90% accuracy? Yeah, and after further enquiries, they finally released the true specs which was around 30% acuracy. How many civilians died? Hooray for the US eh?
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Isn't this thread discusing the product.. or no?

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Also, i dont pretend to act like some politician or UN member. I believe none of us here are qualitifed enough to go into those political and social aspects.
With 23,229 members, I'm impressed by your ability to know who each is and what they do for a living. :shrug:

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it's just gonna add up a slander fest like the others before it anyway.
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this forum should probably be renamed CPF-Gringos.com

Honestly, everyone has their opinions that they entitled to. With issues such as this, opinions are bound to be pretty strong, thus pretty hard to change. I don't see much of a point in even talking about it (yet here I am posting), as sides are so clear that the idea of having a logical discussion goes right out the window.