Why does my Pila 3.7v LA turn on slowly?


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Sep 16, 2004
The Heartland of America
I have a 6P with a Pila 3.7v lamp and a Pila 3.7v 168s battery. It is great except that when I turn it on, it takes about a quarter of a second or so to ramp up to its full brightness. It acts like I don't have the battery fully charged but it happens even with a fully charged (4.12v) 168s. I have two 168s batteries that I rotate in it and it happens with both 168s batteries. This does not happen with my 9P with 150s batteries and SF P90 lamp. The 9P turns on instantly when powered up. I am not really bothered by it, I just wonder if something is wrong or if that is just the way the 3.7v Pila LA works. Consequently, I put a A19 extension onto my 9P and used both 168s batteries in it just to see if it was the batteries. No problem at all with the batteries, so it must be the lamp. Has anyone experienced this with the 3.7v Pila lamp?


Dec 1, 2003
North East Arkansas
Hi, I have not noticed a problem with my Pila 3.7 lamp I have currently in a SF Z2. I have swapped it around and honestly
cannot say how many hours are on it I use it alot. I have a few 168s cells that get swapped out as needed in several lights so I guess I am of zero use on this question.
Wish I could help.
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