Will these 194/168 wedge LED lamps melt my headlamp enclosure?

John N

Flashlight Enthusiast
Oct 12, 2001
My G35C currently has a vertical strip illuminated by a 168/194 wedge bulb.


This is a incandescent bulb rated for 14v, 4.9w.

I found and ordered some LED replacement bulbs, but the package warns WARNING do not install in headlamp housings heat will cause LED failure and VOID WARRANTY!.

I don't really care about the bulb warranty, but I certainly don't want the bulbs to melt my headlamp assembly.

So my question is, can someone ID these LEDs, and estimate how much heat they will generate?

The bulbs in question are Suberbrightleds.com WLED-AHP5.

The spec says 45ma, but doesn't specify if that is for the assembly, or per LED. The spec indicates 8500mcd per LED. There are 5 LEDs.

Here is what they look like:


There appears to be no heatsinking at all. Each LED appears to be attached to a PCB, and it appears to be hollow inside (if you get the correct angle, you can see light through the cracks).

What LEDs are these? Any idea how much heat they will put off compared to the 4.9w incandescent bulbs?