Win2k/3 remost installation service question


Oct 28, 2002
If any of you have prior experience or firsthand knowledge with using Win2k/3 Server's remote installation service, please chime in.

As far as I've been able to read, I can deploy an image across a network, manage it, etc. Here's what I want to do, and what we're running, lemme know if it would work.

About 60 brand new identical computers, with PXE enabled gigabit NICs, factory preloaded with XP Home and nothing else. They need to have XP Pro, Office 2k3, and a bunch of specific applications and plugins, ALL of them.

All of them are located on 123.45 IP block, *BUT* different subnets and different buildings. Each computer plugs into a Cisco 2490 switch with DHCP but we assign each computer a static IP on the exact same subnet (so it's a virtual subnet--if we didn't specify a static ip, it would get a DHCP generated one. we require static to manage it).

So, theoretically, with Win2k/3 Server, I can have a partition with XP Pro/Office/whatever, and then sent that image to all the computers, manage their updates/security patches etc. RIS requires DHCP on the client side so the PXE-boot can get an IP address. Can I specify post-install static IP address? Will this work? I realize there are other software applications that do the exact same thing (altiris, ghost corporate, acronis, etc), but if Server can do it, we have the license for it, and can save a ton of money both now and future as more computers get installed.

This wild and crazy notion was dumped on my department from higher up even though we have nothing to do with network operations or computing--we just happen to be working under computing /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif So I've got to come up with something and any pointers would be appreciated. Hopefully the post makes it clear exactly what I have in mind--if not, lemme know and I'll clarify. Thanks a million!


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Jun 29, 2003
If I remember correctly it still does the install like an unattended (winnt.sif) so you can specify computer names and IP's in a difference file.