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Wiz2 le 520 problem


Flashlight Enthusiast
Nov 23, 2003
My light engine just seems to have died. It started to flicker a bit and then just died. No dramatic smoke or burnmarks (smells) anywhere. I haven't opened the light engine but I have repositioned the light engine. I was using a r123 when it died and I've tried different bodies 1.5X123(w/17500), and 2X123(w/123 primaries). I've also tried just making contact with the Le in the battery tube and nothing wants to light it up. Any clues?


Flashlight Enthusiast
Nov 4, 2004
Pacific Northwest
I am no expert , but as no one else has jumped in. I will offer a few words.The fact it flickered is a good sign to me and might just be a bad connection or dirt/corrosion.

I would remove the LE from the flashlight and make sure the + nub or contact on the battery side of the Ecan is clean and shiny.Then with a full battery, make a positive contact and run a wire from the base of the battery to the Ecan housing. It should light. If not then I would check for continuity with an ohm meter from the Ecan brass housing to the - (negative or ground) on the driver board. The ground on the Wiz II is acsessable on the green side of the driver at the base of the Ecan. If you have continuity, then the ground is good.
Then with power applied as in the first step, see if you are getting voltage to the led. This is an easy check but requires 4 hands to hold everything.
If no voltage is present at the led and you are making good contact with your battery test setup, then the fault will be the driver itself.
Find out which maker was responsible for putting your LE together and contact them. They will be able to test more thou rally and might give you a discount if they are asked to supply you a new LE. I always believe it best to contact the manufacturer when ever something goes wrong. Let them know and sometimes we are surprised at the outcome.
Hope this helps.


Nov 26, 2002
Old World
The non-techie point of view /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif : make sure your LE can make contact with the battery ... I have seen Li-Ions with fairly flat tops and depending on the size of your nipple (the one on the bottom of the LE) there might be difficulties. Just try a CR123.
In addition to that, make sure the LE isn't screwed in too far thus loosing contact with the battery tube.