Would Aleph head kits ever be available again?


Feb 26, 2004
Bay Area, CA
I'm hoping to buy a couple of A2. I've been looking for a while now. I'm getting the feeling that it won't ever be available again ;(


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Nov 19, 2004
I think Don said this a few posts ago...if I can remember correctly...no more :awman:



May 1, 2002
The machine shop I used to make those for me essentially required a 500 piece order for reasonable cost. If 500 more of these were ordered there could be some problems with whoever picked up the tab. The A2 head is not stand alone and requires a window, reflector, bezel ring and light engine. Provisions for additional numbers of all of these would be required as well. If this were done, some folks would request some battery tubes and tail caps as well so they could build a complete light. In no time I and or Wayne would be looking at a bunch of parts sitting on the shelf and be scratching our heads!! :green:

You want an aleph 2? How about 500? :nana:

There are other shops who will do smaller runs but then the unit price goes up. An Aleph 2 head is being looked at by a light manufacturer but I have no idea if or when it might be offered.

I have been working with a shop lately that is better equipped at small runs and there might be a viable solution but this shop has been suffering through very disruptive growing pains and I have suffered along with them as have some of you since this shop is doing my Ti PD components. :banghead:

My best answer to the question is that I don't know but it seems unlikely that Aleph head kits will be available again. Heck, there are still A3 heads available in limited numbers and a bunch of A19 heads!! Oh yeah, need a 1.5x123 tube (17650)? These were going to be real good sellers, a must make! :rolleyes:


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Jan 5, 2006
St. Louis, MO.
If you really want something close to an A2, try this:
(poor man's hack - no tools required)

Grab an A19 head kit from the shoppe:
A19 head kit

Grab an McR-18 or McR-18J reflector from the shoppe:

Now, cut a strip of electrical tape and wrap it around the McR18 and slide it into the A19 head. It should fit snugly. It will also probably be misaligned - but not to worry. Screw in your light engine and assemble your light. The LE will seat the McR18 head and push it up to where it belongs. Since the A19 has a long barrel (and the McR18 reflector is short), it will end up about 1/2 up the head.

First, adjust the LE to make sure you have it screwed in enough - or back it off if you've overtightened it and you have no light. Remember the reflector is free floating so you will have to gauge it by function. Then, turn on the light and adjust the reflector (through the front end - sans glass) until the beam looks just how you want it. Once you've got everything perfect, place a few drops of epoxy around the edges of the reflector to hold it in place. After it dries, put in the O-ring, glass, and screw on the bezel.

Tadaaa... you now have an "A2 like" beam in a fully Aleph-compliant head.