Sold/Expired WTB: Aelph compatable parts needed


Flashlight Enthusiast
Mar 26, 2002
St Louis
I recently bought a CR2 body for my Aelph series lights and decided I don't like having an unfinished light laying around. :naughty:

So, I'm looking to buy an Aelph compatable black tailcap.
This does not have to be an Aelph series tailcap, it can be a regular SureFire or other compatible tailcap although I'd prefer it to be a 2-stage and if I could get 1 with Tritium, that would be sweet as well! :D

Also, looking to buy a black E-series compatable bezel with lamp although I'd love a black PR or PR-T head or Aelph head with LE but those are probably out of the budget. :(
Black P-series bezels also OK if you've got a black E-to-C adapter to go along with it. :grin2: