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WTB: McGizmo Titanium PD Mule


Newly Enlightened
Apr 5, 2010
Honolulu, HI
Hi CPF, if anyone has a Titanium PD Mule that they are willing to rehome, please let me know.

Having grown up in Hawaii and starting to collect in the EDC world around when the Haiku was almost everyone's EDC grail torch (late 2000s), Don's work holds a very special place in my heart.

Over the past ~5 years, I have collected one of nearly every titanium McGizmo piece in Kiessling's reference piece. A few Haikus, all of the bodies, The Terra/Aqua Mule/Ram, Mclux PD / PD-C / Twist, both lunasols, etc...even Titanium A19 and A3s that were modeled after the Aleph designs.

And the last piece that I'm looking for is the Titanium PD mule. I missed the last one that sold on CPF by mere minutes...but if anyone has one that they're looking to send to a good home, please do let me know!

Borrowed picture