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Wtb unique drop-in host.


Newly Enlightened
Oct 5, 2022
Hello. I've got a few 6p drop ins I would like an interesting host for. Let me know what you have, special edition/color surefires etc. open to other companies too. looking for a complete light minus the drop In.

2 cell/16650/18650 is the size I'm looking for.


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Jul 19, 2014
Mobjack Bay
Lumens Factory Seraph SP-6 apparently in HA3 Black only, with crenellated or smooth stainless bezel is a nice option.

Last month I picked up a Lumens Factory Seraph SP-9 Charcoal Grey in smooth bezel with an extender to run 2x 18650, but without extender runs (sleeved) 2x AA, 2x 18500, 3x 18350, etc. Also grabbed a Seraph D36 head unit, comes with both cren and smooth bezel. Very satisfied with the system, workmanship, excellent customer support, fast shipping, low prices, etc. With host, extender, D36 head, all the hardware and shipping cost me $78.50. But of course I also bought a D26 LED drop in which I run with 2xAA NiMH, a D26 lamp I run with 2xLFE18500, and a couple D36 lamps, one for 2x IMR18650 and another for 3x IMR18350. My total spend with shipping was $183.49.

I put off a build I planned around a z32 finned head, Susie's outdoor 18mm 6P body, and Lumens Factory z41 McClicky HA3 Black tailcap because black z32 finned heads are very rare and cost a small fortune. Also, I had trouble with Suzie's E2 and E1 bodies. I think they must be for original E2 and E1 heads (teardrop and the other one) because I got an Elite head stuck on one without connecting, and I never thought I'd get it off. I can't use these bodies, which are 16mm only fwiw.
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