Sold/Expired WTB/WTT: Used/Beater Ti McClicky Pak (new Ti C-pak trade option))


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Jan 24, 2007
Oahu, Hawaii
If anyone has a used/beater Ti McClicky Pak that they'd like to sell, shoot me a PM. My budget isn't large, as I've been laid off/unemployed for over a year. So, I'm fine with one in very worn condition. :D It will get lots of love and be used by my 2 year old cousin quite a bit :devil: (as I'm trying to turn him on to the darkside of flashaholism)

I have a spare used/beater Titanium C-pak for McGizmo PDs that is not getting any use. I'd like to offer this as a straight trade option for a used/beater Ti McClicky pak. This is one of the original Ti paks that came with the McCree PDs with rare longer Ti clip and area around the switch that trits can be glued (note: this can only be used with PD heads, not e-series). It has been well used and loved with scratches and imperfections. It also has 2 very small dents on the tail end which can be barely seen on the right side near the clip. It is far from a shelf queen, but still very functional and great for multi-mode PDs:





I have a brand new Titanium VME head that fits Malkoff drop-ins on E-series paks that I can include as part of a trade + Ca$h from me:

I will be mating the pak with this beloved KL4:

Thanks for your time and for looking :grin2:
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