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Sold/Expired WTS: Mac Custom 9/14W Dual Level Mini 1000 lumen HID


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Aug 18, 2009
Originally made by Mac here: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/...d.php?t=229727

Purchased originally from this thread here: http://www.cpfmarketplace.com/mp/sho...1000-Lumen-HID



Included with this item are:

-Mac 1000 lumen HID light.

-SMO reflector with lots of throw

-Dual 9w/14w fully-regulated ballast

-FM 3x17670 battery holder (batteries not included - but I can add 3 newer good quality AW 17670 cell for extra)

-Spare new M10N004 bulb

Originally purchased the light was only configured for single level 14W output. The following changes have been made, by me, since I purchased it:

  • Added matching Mac tailcap with switch.
  • Re-wired the switch/ballast to support dual level 9W/14W (500L/1000L). Tailcap switch controls on/off. Side switch controls low/hi level.
  • Runtime on HI: ~1:00
  • Runtime on LOW: ~1:45
  • Added Download steel bezel (original Mag bezel included).
  • Removed the download mag-ring.
For full disclosure I had a cross-thread with the replacement tailcap which resulted in a few unfortunate scrapes on the outside of the light at the tailcap. Also the threads on the inside are a bit messed up. I am taking this into account in my pricing. The threads are well lubed now and working smoothly.



First posted Ill take it gets it. CONUS Priority shipping with DC including. PayPal Purchase option only, I absorb fees.

Price: $375

Add $25 for 3 pretty new AW 17670 batteries.

Please consider that these lights don't come around very often.

Even with the scrapes this light is in better condition than some completely abused examples I have purchased with melted plastic lenses, scraped reflectors, etc which I ended up putting $100+ into just to clean-up.

Thank you for looking.