Sold/Expired WTS: Malkoff Bodyguard V2 and E1T Heads [SOLD]



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Jun 18, 2006
For sale are two Malkoff E-series heads. Only interested trade is a Malkoff E2 Hyper Head.

The first is a Bodyguard V2. This one has a scratch on the side (see pics) but it is otherwise in great shape. $95 shipped. Will trade outright for Malkoff E2 Hyper Throw.

Bodyguard V2

Bodyguard Scratch

Bezel End of Bodyguard

The next is an older Malkoff model E1T that's no longer made. It has a duller finish than the newer Malkoff products, such as the one above. It produces ~300 lumens and would make a great head for EDC with good runtime. It has a couple small and light scratches that don't go through the anodizing in addition to a smudge on one of the flats next to the logo. $65 shipped.


E1T Smudge

Bezel End E1T

If interested, PM me here or email to bowieknive AT Payment by PayPal as purchase only, no friends and family.
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