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Sold/Expired WTS Malkoff E2XTD head on 16650 Body


Newly Enlightened
Jun 1, 2022
Hutto, Texas
WTS Malkoff E2XTD Head on a 16650 body and two Keeppower 16650 Rechargeable batteries and Malkoff Parts. Pics with Timestamp CELLS NO LONGER INCLUDED

Malkoff E2XTD Light (A)- lightly used Malkoff E2XTD light head and new 16650 body. Only minor wear on clip. Includes 2 keeppower 16650 cells. Cool light with lots of throw. $180 Shipped, Tracked, and Insured. Pics SOLD

Malkoff MDC HA head (B)-
Owned for a fee months and works great. No real wear and tear except some smudging on the light head. This is the cool white model. $50 Shipped and Tracked. Pics SOLD

Malkoff MD2 Body with tri-cap (C)-
C grade because it's been carried. Great shape and perfectly functional. Minor wear on body. Threads are great. Sat on a Wildcat (no diffuser-which I highly recommend), bur I upgraded to an M21700 body. $55 Shipped pics SOLD

I accept paypal. No Trades. CONUS only. I will not part out the light.
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