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Sold/Expired [WTS] Malkoff MDC - FourSevens Bundle - Prometheus Beta - Wurkkos - Olight Bundle


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Jan 25, 2024
Happy Humpday CPF! Doing some spring cleaning. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional photos of anything below. Thanks for looking.

* Paypal F&F or whatever your preference
* Includes Priority Shipping CONUS only

1) Malkoff MDC 1-2V 1AA - SST-20 4000K: This has some very light wear on the head but otherwise in great shape. Comes with an Eneloop and an extra switch boot. $80 SOLD

2) FourSevens BUNDLE (Mini MkIII Ti and Quark Q16L) $110 $100 SOLD

-Mini MkIII Ti - 319A 4000k: Light wear on this guy just doesn't get used at all. It was my first light made of titanium with a magnetic tailcap before I knew those were a thing on flashlights. Powered by 16340/RCR123a (not included). Comes with extra o-rings and RCR123a.

-FourSevens Quark Q16L Slate Blue - Discontinued Special Edition- 319A +90 CRI 4000k: This Quark was one of my first enthusiast lights and really has great beam profile with the hexagonal 319A emitter. My favorite thing about this is the <1 lm Moonlight. The operating voltage on this one is 2.6V-4.2V and as such, will run on 16650, 14500, and even 16340 if you want to get the body on Prometheus' website (darksucks.com).
-14500 body
-Aspheric lens kit (QK16L Throw: 170m/200m (reflector/aspheric)
-FourSevens Quark deep carry clip
-Tailstand cap (installed)
-FourSevens 2200mAh 16650 and 14500 1000mAh protected Keeppower (not pictured) and some extra o-rings


4) Prometheus Beta Magnetic - Yuji BC3030 G04: Had this on my keys for a while so some obvious wear on this one. First light that made me realize I prefer reflectors over mules. $25 SOLD

5) Wurkkos TS10 Ti V2 RGB Aux - 3xCSP 4000k: This one sat around in an EDC tray on my nightstand so just snail trails from random stuff being tossed in the tray. No battery. Box included. $35 SOLD

6) Olight BUNDLE: These are what remain of my first foray into flashlight collecting as many start off with Olight as their first taste into flashlight collecting. $80 SOLD

-S2R Baton 2: This is like new condition as it sat in a basement drawer as an emergency light. It hasn't seen a full discharge at all. Includes proprietary 18650 olight battery.

-i5t EOS Cu: This was my first all copper light. It has some slight wear and a patina as it sat in the window sill in the kitchen as an emergency light. No full discharge.

-i5t EOS Desert Tan: This is like-new condition as this was just a collector piece as I believe it was a limited edition at the time I bought it. It hasn't seen a full discharge at all.


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Aug 31, 2010
South GA/ North FL
Might as well. Have a love hate with colicky quarks but haven't used a twisty I hated lol. And will have a gift at least with the 16. Going to test them out as my possible companions on a Euro trip in the summer.

For clarity's sake, I'll take the quark bundle.