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Sold/Expired WTS: Milky Tartan (Ribbed Style KL1) SOLD


Aug 29, 2009
London, UK
Up for offer today is a Milky modded light which I bought from abarth_1200 about six months ago here.

There is some detail on the light in his original thread, as well as one a few photos and a flowchart of the UI in this Milky thread here.

The tale of the tape goes thusly:


'Smoothie' UF17 Threaded Reflector

Acorn 1.3 'Califron' Firmware

The tape specifies that the driver is suited for 2x123 or 1xLi-Ion, although I've also been able to run it successfully on a single primary, although this has only been tested in Miser mode.


Above is a recent photo. It has received a little bit of carry with me, but unfortunately it no longer gets the use it deserves. Abarth_1200 finished the light off with a Ti tailcap shroud which permits tailstanding, and provides a lovely accent to the light. The anodising is still in great shape, and I believe I still have the original bag the KL1 was sold in.

The tint is cool white, with perhaps the slightest tinge of purple, but it really is a beautiful tint to behold. The hotspot is reasonably tight, allowing miser mode to be very useful. In standard mode, it's impressively bright on high.

Asking $300 SOLD. Please feel free to PM with any questions.

----------- The Boring Bit -----------

I prefer outright sales, however I'm always open to trade proposals. Depending on the offer, I'm also open to trading+cash from my end. If you have something in mind, don't hesitate to PM me. I mostly prefer custom and other interesting or unusual lights, although anything of higher end quality can catch my eye.

All prices include basic shipping via Royal Mail anywhere in the world (expect 7-10 business days for delivery, on average). The Royal Mail have proven very reliable for me in the past, and have never delayed, nor lost anything. However, there is no tracking, nor insurance with this method. Should you desire tracking/insurance/faster shipping, this will be an additional cost, usually less than $10. Please PM for a more exact quote.

Payment is via PayPal only; I will PM you with my address once you have claimed an item.

First person to post I will take it! or similar in this thread will get the item. Please feel free to PM for any questions you may have.

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