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Sold/Expired WTS: SF E2e SG Gunmetal, Tana TripLED, Tain Nova head, P60 dropins


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Sep 8, 2014
Northern California
Cleaning up my parts box, here are some items for sale:

#1- SOLD Surefire E2e Satin Grey (aka Gunmetal). It's a user and it shows lots of of wear. Ano color is slightly darker on the tail. Comes with a Tana SingLED 1 mode neutral white (not sure about emitter)
Price is $185.00
Now SOLD SOLD SOLD $150.00
and includes shipping to conus

#2: WITHDRAWN Surefire E2e HA (not black) in excellent condition
only a tiny spec of ano missing on the head otherwise perfect
Lumens factory led drop in one mode, neutral white (don't know about emitter)
Price is $120 and includes shipping to conus

Adventure Sport Copper P60 MT-G2 dropin bulb 2500+ lumen
-Cree MT-G2 4000K LED for ultra soft smooth beam, with superior blending of colors-
2 x IMR li-ion powered ( batteries not included)
-Custom user interface (mode choices)
-Copper core for maximum heat transfer
Price is SOLD $120.00 and includes shipping to conus
I had purchased two of those and this one is a spare, never been used.

#4 is SOLD
Tana TripLED P60 Dropin Nichia 219b 3 amps
Bought as a spare, unused, sitting in a box
4500K, perfect tint
LucidRV programmable firmware
Price is SOLD SOLD SOLD $125.00 and includes shipping to conus

#5- V54 P60 dropin, XPG-2 neutral white, driver VN
Price is $65 and includes shipping to conus

#6- V54 P60 Dropin, XPG-2 neutral white, driver VN
Price is $65 and includes shipping to conus

#7- SOLD SOLD SOLD Tain Nova Titanium head
Neutral white emitter
3 modes
E series compatible

Price is SOLD $245.00 and includes shipping to conus

Body not included, this is to show head compatibility

E2e body not included, just to show head compatibility

#8 SOLD SOLD SOLD Datiled custom McGizmo light engine
compatible with Haiku / Aleph
XM-L neutral white emitter
The 3-level CREE Aleph light engines used in these light engines are built with a custom designed circuit board using AMC7135 IC's at 380mA each. The aluminum can was custom machined for the MCPCB, and dissipates heat quickly into the head of the light. These are ideal for use with a single 3.7V Li-Ion cell (2.8 - 5.5V). Brass battery contact for long wear.
CREE XM-L2 4500K, 1140mA 3-level light engine
SOLD SOLD $50 including shipping to conus

Terms of sale:

1- First "I'll take it" gets the item and takes precedence over other forms of communication incl PM's. Please specify #1, #2 etc..
2- Prompt PP payment is expected
3- no trades
4- international: please ask for shipping quote
5- shipping to conus included
Do not hesitate to ask questions or send me a PM

Thanks for looking
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Newly Enlightened
Apr 23, 2015
I'll take the Mcgizmo light engine and the Tana triple #8 & #4!

And backup on #7!
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Nov 27, 2013
On The Black Pearl
Dang, some awesome stuff here. I scrolled down to jump on that Tain head. But, too late. Awesome score Icarus! I was going to do the exact same set up as that SF with the head and tail. Cool stuff.


Feb 17, 2015
Tigard, Orygun
Hi there, do you have a link on the p60 VN dropins? I'm looking for a monster that can run on non imr (using 1650 pineapple body). If not any idea what one throws better and what one is more white. Thanks a ton.

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