WTT: Malkoff M60 & Surefire Z59 Tailcap



Dec 3, 2004
Just ordered an SST-20 5700k M61 for my 6P host, mounted to an AR, so I won't be needing the M60 any longer. It is basically as-new and unused, just sat in the safe. Never shot with the light mounted. It is the CREE optic version, I believe from when Gene first switched from engraving to stickers. I still have the original packaging too. I thought it was 260l, but the data sheet on the Malkoff sub-forum shows 235l. The beam tint is a very pleasant pure white. I hope the M61 is as "neutral" as this one.

The Z59 tailcap is also as-new.

Looking for a quality, as-new LED flashlight for my 13 y/o. I am thinking a 1xCR123 but will consider 1xAA as well. Multi mode is a must. An MDC would be perfect, or maybe some sort of Surefire, Fenix, etc? I'm not familiar with the current offerings by any means, so I'm quite open to others.

I MIGHT also be interested in multi-mode 6P drop-ins, if worth swapping out my older Nailbender XP-G2s.

I also have an as-new HDS Rotary I would give up with these items in trade for/toward some sort of high end 1xCR123 or 2xCR123 titanium LED. McGizmo? Aleph? Again, not that familiar, especially in this territory.
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