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WTT: Oveready Aluminium 18650 Battery capsule for 18350

peter yetman

Flashlight Enthusiast
Mar 23, 2014
North Norfolk UK
Here's a long shot...
I have an OR 18650 Aluminium Battery Capsule that I've only ever used once or twice in a fleece pocket with no companions.
There's a tiny spec of ano missing from around the lip of the tube, but it's 9/10.
Before I mess it up and put it on my keyring, I'm looking to swap it for the equivalent 18350 capsule, which I lost along with my keys. I was more worried about the capsule and battery than the keys.
Nice condition would be great, but this is to use rather than fondle.
Give me a shout if you can help please. I ONLY want to swap it for an OR 18350 Aluminium Capsule, as I'll just use it otherwise.