Sold/Expired WTT surefire EB1 body and tailcap And Microtech OTF knife


Feb 17, 2015
Tigard, Orygun
Hello all, I have an EB1 body and tail that hasn't been beat on to much, some wear though. It's nice for the people who have larger hands and the E1B/E1L/E1D bodies are just to short. It's a standard forward clicky.
I have a super snappy hard deployment MT ultratech from 2009 very clean and cool. Hard to find the older smooth body. Blade was black, has been bead blasted and now looks great. Pics of both to follow here shortly,can only post one at a time.
I'm looking for an E1D head,body,or both. E1B body, a few small aaa lights that I don't have yet, like a maratac or a pelican 1910. Forward clicky 1 or 2 cell AA would be cool too. + or - cash on either end is fine. Not sure what else I would need but feel free to ask.

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