Sold/Expired WTTF: Lummi Wee Ag, Damascus, or Ti or Lummi Raw Damascus or Ti.


Newly Enlightened
Mar 6, 2014
I would like to trade for a Lummi Wee Ag or if Lummi made any of the Raw's in silver, a Raw Ag would be great too. If I can't find a silver Lummi, than maybe a Damascus Wee or Raw and last maybe either model in Ti. I have a EDCK-BM51-Ti up for trade. It's practically brand new. It's bead blasted and anodized bronze. It looks amazing. For anyone that doesn't know, the EDC51Ti is the result from a balisong project that Duane at EDC knives took under his wing. He took the BM 51 and had Titanium scales made to take the place of the original G-10 scales that the BM 51 normally has. The titanium scales look just like the original G-10 scales and the fit and finish couldn't be any better. He sold them in very small runs of like 3 or 4. Here is a link to the EDC knives page that tells about these. My knife is beadblasted which I'm not sure he even does anymore. I think this is the only one that he ever bead blasted. Most everyone loves the look of bead blast, but if you don't anodize it after it's been blasted, it scratches very easily. My knife has been anodized so it doesn't scratch easy at all. It creates a coating that protects the knife when u anodize it. When he offered the bead blasting option, it was an extra $40 and the anodize option is another $40 on top of the base $395. So I'll put the trade value at $475. If I'm breaking a rule or something, I apologize and will delete this immediately. If a trade is worked out, I will use USPS priority mail. Thank you!