XHP70 P60 Pill for UniqueFire 1508 or Dereelight XSearcher?


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Oct 18, 2006
Marin County [SanFranBayArea], CA
Does anyone know whether either of these aspherical flashlights can take a P60 pill? Specifically one of the XHP70 3000 lumen P60's that have been discussed on CPF?

I want a powerful pencil beam with minimal or no spill. Prefer to use 26650, but 18650s will do.

Don't want to do any major machining or soldering - would like a pop-in solution.



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Mar 28, 2011
The short answer is no, they both take pills custom to them. And to be honest they both would be poor choices for an XHP-70. For one the thermal loads of a hard driven XHP will not do well in the small necks and not great thermal head coupling (because they both have somewhat loosely threaded on heads). You also won't get much of a pencil beam from such a large emitter surface and of course there unless you defocus it there will be a large dark cross in the middle. If you want a tight beam that throws very far you will need a high density emitter. Dedomed XP-G2, XP-L HI etc. Are you looking for good throw and lots of lumens or just max throw?