XT60-Based Modular Lighting/Emergency Power/Solar Project.


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May 23, 2008
Some time ago I came up with an idea, to make all my flashlight and power storing/supplying equipment compatible with each other. So in any given case, I would have all the versatility I need.

The concept is very basic and has only 2 criteria:

1. There would be 2 power sources:
-12V which is based on 3S LiPo packs/car battery/solar panels. The need for this voltage is self explanatory. :)
-24v which is used to lessen the current draw and being able to recharge twice as fast. Using a hobby charger (ICharge 106+) you can charge at the same rate as a 3S, at 2C rate if required in an emergency situation. For example being able to charge to 70% a 5000mAh 6S pack in less than one hour!

2. All equipment should be able to interconnect:
-As a flashaholic and a hobby guy I have plenty of experience with the XT60 connector. It has become the most widely used hobby DC connector for its reliability, durability, compact size, easy assembly and it provides some decent level of water resistance. Soldering cable to the XT60 is relatively easy and it will take 10awg up. Have I mention the XT60 is rated at 60A constant? :whistle: All power outputs will carry male connector, while power input uses the female side. Shorting is impossible with this setup.


My current setup is pretty basic as I just started this project today. It took me a couple hours to do the soldering you see below. Here are few examples:


5000mAh 6S pack, swapped to XT60 connector. Provides plenty of power for about $50.


12V plug and receptacle. 15ft extension cable. I will be making more extension cables of several lengths and types.


450W DC-to-110v inverter with the extension cable and 12v plug.


6s Lipo connected to the turnigy multifunction power meter and analyzer. The HID lamp is an VisionX 55W HID Spotlight unit with an 6" reflector. It is intended for offroad use but I took it off from the vehicle because I've swapped to LED bar now. I'm planning to make a handle and battery carrier for it. Out throws my SF hellfighter by a LONG SHOT.


Here is connected to the VisionX spotlight. look how little is the current draw!! Less than my Fenix PD35!!


Power/Time chart. Some would only dream with having this... imagine all the possibilities! :D Look at the typical ballast step up from cold start.

Soon to be added to the XT60 family:
-Surefire Hellfighter: waiting for the power cord to arrive
-Xtar VP2: XT60 connector soldered directly from the charger. Charge 18650's from a lipo. ;)
-5000mAh 3S lipo packs.
-Gadget charging station, powering several cellphones and other devices at the same time with a single lipo.
-A more precise watt meter, There are newer and better models in the market.

-20w and 60w portable solar panels with 12v regulator.
-Deployable emergency area lighting system, based on a tripod and led strips, not sure yet.
-A parallel connector to allow using several high draw lipo to start a vehicle, without the hassle of a jumper device.

The objective of the XT60 system is not only for emergency, but also for everyday use. With the addition of more and more equipment, the versatility will dramatically increase. I hope this idea could inspire people here to build their own.

I will be updating this thread as the XT60 Family grows.


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Aug 31, 2014
Yup, XT60 is amazing. The connectors are so cheap on eBay, and a little lubrication on the contancts makes them very easy to connect and disconnect. I've been designing all of my stuff for xt60 recently, and I usually aim for devices to be able to take up to 35v, and I usually power things with old laptop adapters that can be found in any junkpile. If I have something that needs 12v specifically or any other specific regulated voltage I generally either modify it with an eBay step up/down regulator for 2 bucks or just use a different connector.

The ham radio guys do basically exactly what you are doing except they use 13.8v over Anderson powerpoles, but I don't really like powerpoles, nor do I really like 12v(a bit too low, too much current).

What I've been doing recently for better water resistance is using hot glue to make a molded boot type strain relief where the wires enter the connector, seems like that would keep the water out of the stranded wire better than most heatshrink, plus it adds mechanical strength.

I've been really wanting to build a portable power pack with 24v of lifepo4 20ah cells, a built in mppt charger, and xt60 in/out.