XTAR B20 Pilot-1x18650-Review


Newly Enlightened
Nov 11, 2018
Anyone knows how to dissemble the flashlight? Anyone replaced the driver?

My flashlight is very dim, I removed the lens and reflector, measured the voltage across the LED contact points, it shows only 2.4V so I think the driver is bad.

Any input is appreciated!

I was not able to hammer out the led/driver with a metal rod so I started drilling. There is about 5mm thick aluminum disk tight pressed into the tube of the flashlight. With the hole trough the AL disk, I tried to push and the hammer out the driver. I pushed a hole trough the driver, it is such tight fit.

I think the driver and AL disk are pushed in with a hydraulic press, then the led disk is glued and soldered.

The bottom line is that this flashlight is not repairable. :( I will be recycled for scrap metal.