You turkeys are costin me $$



Holy smoke.. talk about an addiction....

Some dude here recommended I get a Romisen RC-G2 (xpg R5) to start with a month or so back.. so I did. Great little light! Just freakin amazing how much light (150 lm's) this puppy can put out with one AA battery!

Next.. I'm at Costco, and I see a package with 3 decent looking lights for 20 bucks.. (3AAA power, 150 lm's).. got them. Put one in each car..

Then... I ordered a V10R (sunwayman) AND a Mi5 Klarus from Going Gear.. The V10R arrived, and DANG! What a COOL little bugger!! It's been my EDC for the last couple weeks.. I can't WAIT til the baby Klarus shows..

Then..(yea.. all in about a months time) I ordered a Fenix PD31.. still waitin for that one.. 300+ Lm's out of a pair of 123's.. gonna work real well on my home defense shotgun. :naughty: If I can't hit the intruder, I'll blind him!

Now my daughter is all jacked up on my lights.. so I just ordered her an ITP SC1 R2 tactical..

Someone... PLEASE STOP ME!!!

holy crap...