You want PICTURES vid light



not slick enough, hmm to think i coulda got a EV instead :) well for a month anyway.

the problem with it still is trying to Match with Incadescent lighting, without making it all amber leds :)

i have 11 banks of yellow, and the "whites" still have to go down to a dull glow for it to color match with incadescent.

i guess i didnt Learn enough on the first 2 revisions, to put in the yellow first then add a few "whites".


Nov 14, 2001
LOCO is more like it.
Maybe it is time to change the incandescent lighting standard to REAL light?

I never would have thought of the problems that real white light would create. Well, *I* still think it's slick!


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Dec 16, 2000
San Gabriel Valley
Hey Video Guy, can you explain how those controls on your panel work? Are they something like rheostats or potentiometers?



they are 2 watt 25ohm rheostats, when operating a the high end they almost burn , but i figgered that the TOTAL power going to both the leds and the rehostat dont mean that it is all going to the rheostat.
because i am a learn while i burn, kinda experimenter, they seemed to work.

One of them is on the Amber spot led (luxeon) and it is already at 25ohmes +- a bit here and there, to run on the 12v
so it is on a 100ohm pot probably a 1w.

the 25s are radioshacks finest 2 watt i think
and they dont ever go to 0ohmes so the switches can jump past the pot for full power.

they are quite large items, dont know if they would fit in the base of a mag, about 1 1/4" in diameter

but they did work much better than expected, and even though they are disipating heat, the whole circuit current drops lots when turned down.

my guess is the last 2 wires on 2 of them are getting very very hot.