Your experiences with 2V downlight LED globe replacement? Nicest and brightest one?


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Dec 5, 2012
Hello folks,
I've been trying a few downlight replacements for my 12V fixture without changing the transformer, and is still unsatisfied with the light quality and output. The ones I have tried are:
5W Mirabella LED downlight (about 330 lumens)
7.8W Osram Superstar LED downlight (supossedly about 450 lumens).

While they are OK, the quality of light is not as nice as the halogen 35W or 50W Osram down lights, in terms of output, colour, shadow and just the overall 'fell' of the light quality. Has a somewhat 'hazy' feel about it.

Any solutions for better ones ? Philips any better?

Thank you !

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