Your other hobbies


Newly Enlightened
Oct 27, 2010
Ontario, Canada
I'm sure we're all here sharing one basic hobby. Flashlights regardless of size type or vintage. For now I'm into anything flashlight, until I decide where I want to specialize.

I was the same when I collected old transistor radios. I narrowed my collection down to AM or AM/FM battery powered only and usually circa 50s and 60s, although I do have a couple of 1947 units.

I'm also into Ham Radio VHF/UHF and HF and enjoy building my own dipole antennas. A little photography and my favourite shots consist of old historic building churches and schools. I also try my hand at some wood working but don't claim and proffesionalism with. I just play at it. I also enjoy detailing my vehicles and have a tremendous interest in high horse power North American cars and engines

So, what other hobbies does everyone else here have? I wonder how many people might have the same cross section of hobbies that might cross each other.

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