Zebralight H50 for Christmas! (A Review)


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Mar 6, 2002
Bellingham, WA
Well, yes and no. If you're working on something at arms reach or a little further then it's a wonderful amount of light! If you're going to go caving, or you plan to run through the woods or try to spot something 30 feet away, then no, it's not very bright.

But headlamps have been focussed into tight beams for years simply because they didn't produce enough light to spread around. It's only been the last year or so that manufacturers have been including diffusers because LEDs have become bright enough to use them to good effect. Zebralight just takes it to the next level and says, "Hey, if you want a work light, lets not waste light by pushing it through an diffuser, let's just pump it straight to your wor area. Carry a handheld if you need a thrower."

And the design is just really, really clever in it's simplicity.


Oct 15, 2003
Washington(the state)
+1 on GuyZero comments.
I use my headset at work for fairly detailed technical work. At the brightest level its perfect for anything within arms reach. It's amazing the amount of light thats available with a single AA alkaline now:cool:


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Dec 19, 2007
This Zebralight sounds like a great headlamp. My only question is: Isn't 66 lumens a bit dim when it's so spread out?

The amount of light it gives is impressive - I wish I had measurements, but subjectively, the "high" level at arms length is enough to see detail, read fine print, etc.

In the past week, I've used mine to provide light while repairing a toilet (actually two of em, I hate those Fluidmaster fill valves). The light level is strong enough, and it is diffused so that it is MORE useful than a focused beam with the resultant shadows and harsh contrast.

The other day, I put it on to aid identifying files in a drawer - was working at dawn in my home office. At mid morning, with the room lit by sunlight, I noticed that it was still "on" (with a drained battery). When it does not produce a beam pattern that continually reminds you of its presence, you will forget that it is there as you work or move about.

In a completely dark room, the high setting will allow you to see/identify objects in the far corners easily.

When using it to read (as in bed), the medium setting is fine.

This little light has great ergonomics. I do find that in most cases, I want it on "high", and it takes down a 2,000 mAh NiMH in a few hours - but it is SO handy to have on while working in any poorly lit area.