Zebralight H604c vs H604d (only beamshot)


Nov 30, 2009
H604c greatly enhances some colors including reds.
In the long run, H604c may be more gentle, restful and rewarding for the eyes.
I have no doubts, that's why I did pick it after having broken the H603C.
Thanks for the comparison.


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Dec 18, 2018
Hi LogansRun
Maybe you wanted to write that you are undecided between H604c and H604d?
The choice is difficult both are beautiful, when choosing to buy consider if you will use these lights coupled with another light (example: headlamp used together with a torch that you hold in your hand)
Having identical or similar tint can be helpful.
Regarding the choice of the type of light, a good compromise can be H600Fw
H604c or H604d are lights for "special" use
My first Zebralight had all the reflector (H600w) but for a long time I have only purchased Headlamps with frosted lens or TIR.
I find that in a Headlamp having a concentrated beam is not ideal, if I need to throw I use a torch that I hold in my hand.
Yes, undecided between the c and d. Typo!

I tend to carry more than a few lights so I do have a bit more throwy handheld lights but I find I prefer a bit throwy on a headlamp since, as mentioned earlier, I find floody just washes everything out so I use floody headlamps only for camp chores.

I did a guided night hike in Yosemite 3 years ago and I brought along my reflectored ZL headlamp, it was almost perfect, lighting up a bit further up the trail, to the point where I rarely turned on my SF C2 with M60.

But, to each, their own!


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Jun 18, 2014
I find the frosted lens is perfect for indoor use. Probably perfect for around a campsite, too.

But outdoors on hikes, I think maybe the clear lens would be a better choice. The problem I find with the frosted lens is that the spill might be a bit too bright and wide. When I use it on very dark trails, I find there's some light reflecting off my hair and back into my eyes. No, I don't have long hair that hangs in my eyes. But I suppose it's just long enough that the bright spill can reach it. It's a bit annoying, and it ruins my night vision. It's not a lot of reflection, but just the little bit that happens makes me reconsider using it on hikes. I can adjust the light down so the reflection no longer happens, but then the light isn't going where I want it.

Maybe it's just telling me to stand up straight so the light can be adjusted down more and still shine ahead.


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Sep 29, 2012
After a long time this evening I used these headlamp.
I wanted to do a test with the lux meter, not to get an absolute value but to see if there is a difference between H604c and H604d.
With the eye it is evident but I wanted to consult an instrument to understand how much.
On the website the manufacturer declares the same lumens (1616 lm) some time ago before buying I asked if there was a difference in brightness they said no, identical apart from the difference in color tint.
I tested the two headlamps using two identical batteries with the same age and charge level.
The H604d wins in brightness, the difference is exactly 10% more lux.

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I then did another test but at a longer distance, the difference here seemed smaller (around 8%)
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