Zebralight SC60 Toast?


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Dec 15, 2008
I just received two Zebralight SC60 that I bought off Ebay. (Unfortunately they were out of stock from Zebralight themselves.) I was very happy with them until one of them just went off on its own and does not want to go on again. When this happened it was ON while standing upright on a table. Could it have burned out? I tried different batteries and it's not the problem.

What should I do, contact Zebralight directly or deal with the Ebay shop to get a replacement? I hope the other one won't suffer the same fate.

I also have the H60 headlamp which has been working fine apart from the fact that the lens has cracks in it. (due to over-heating?)


Julian (Malta)


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Apr 21, 2011
I had the same issue back after about a month of usage. I had to send my light back to China even though it came to me from Texas. After paying shipping and waiting over a month I got my light back.... still not working. Contacted them on their website again and was told to send it to them in Texas and they'd replace it. Instead of replacing it they shipped it back off the China and I haven't seen it since. This annoyance started in February or March... don't even remember anymore and they deleted my initial request for service from their website because it's over 30 days old. Last communications with them was about a month ago saying it would be shipped back to me from China in about a week. Sad, cause I really do like the lights... but my experience when needing customer service has sucked so far. I also bought an H51F that is still working fine, but I'm having to use my Malkoff Wildcat as my daily light until I get the SC60 back.


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Mar 30, 2004
Gatwick, a little airstrip under London!
Zebralight's customer service is the worst I have ever met.

My headtorch stopped working one day li-ion rechargeable type, no drops, no left on in a bag etc. I sent my light back to them, they received it, said they repaired it and sent it back to me. I have never received it, they would not respond to my messages and now the security image that you have to decipher to send them a message does not allow me to contact them. $80 down the drain. 2 years have elapsed, I cant find any contact details ie a phone number for them. I would stay clear..... Ok product but not reliable.

Could someone from zebralight call SF customer service and take notes, improve your system. Or even better afterwards, send me a headtorch like the one I sent you. [email protected] is my email unlike your company I will make my email address public.