Zebralight SC600 MKII L2 Owner's Thread


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Mar 11, 2011
Hello All!

Who among you own this light and how is it holding up?

Is it good?

Would you recommend it?

Feedback would be appreciated!

Muchas Gracias! :)


Jul 21, 2013
Denver CO USA
I have an SC600IIL2CW and love it.

ZL's UI is very nice. Their lights tend to be very efficient and versatile. The finish isn't as durable as one might hope for but adequate for its price range (occasional mottling on flat surfaces and wear or chipping on sharp edges). My sample has a terrific white tint with no hint of green/yellow and not too much blue either - easily the best tint of any of my ZL's. Nice beam quality and great range of class leading brightness to class leading lows. Excellent pocket clip. Lanyard split ring hole is a bit small for many split rings to move freely. Easily takes a variety 3400mah protected 18650's (likely even takes flat tops but I haven't tried them).

I bought it expecting it to be two big for EDC given its dimensions and pictures of it (was looking for a jacket pocket/backpack light). When it came in the same size box as an SC52 I though they shipped the wrong light and was very happy to see how incredibly compact this light is. I easily EDC it in casual clothes (jeans, shorts etc). I mostly use it on low or med and it gets awesome battery life, but its nice to have over 1000lm when I need to light up a large area (and its still very efficient there but an 18650 only holds so much energy).

Here it is next to some other lights in my EDC rotation (click on the pic for a larger image). Left to right these lights are EagleTac D25LC2, Nitecore EC2, ZL SC600IIL2, Malkoff MDC, HDS Exec Clicky, ZL SC52

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