ZL SC51 defective?



Hi all. Got a question about my SC51. Ive had it about 3 or 4 weeks I guess, and the other day, I decided to play around with the high mode programming. On high Im supposed to be able to get the 200 lm default, or 100 lm, or, the way I read it, a 140 lm 4Hz strobe. Maybe Im messed up about my frequency, but my strobe setting is just a steady blink mode. Not the tactical typw strobe I was thinking it would be. It really dont care if it has a tactical type strobe, as I have other, brighter, more tactical type lights to use for that if I ever want, or need it. Im just wondering if my SC51 is faulty regarding the programming. Anyone have a SC51 that really does strobe really fast? Just to venture a guess, as I cant really measure it, my strobe mode blinks at maybe 3 times a second. Thanks in advance all!


Mar 10, 2011
West Virginia
Thanks Greg. Yes this is an older post and I got some really nice, quick answers to my question, which eased my mind. Unfortunately, several replies to this post were lost in the recent breakdown, including my registration and "flashaholic" status, and the fact I was a level 1 supporter. :shakehead. On the other hand, I'm just glad to see us back up and running, and appreciate everyones hard work to make it happen. Again, thanks a lot for your reply. I think I'll just ask a mod to close this thread now so no one else will waste their time on this, since I'm all good now. :wave: