Please Read:The General Flashlight Discussion forum has seen an increase in posted threads that could fit more appropriately in the other various forums, here at CPF.
Too many threads are being moved out of General.

The General Forum is here for flashlight related content, and as such, sometimes crosses between incan and LED.

Please, though, before posting a thread in General, consider if your material would be more relevant in one of the other sub-forums.


--HID/Lanterns/Spotlights should be posted in the HID forum.

--Battery questions should go into the Electronics Forum-Batteries Included Forum.

--Mods should be in the Mods forum.

--Off topic, non-light related topics belong in the Cafe.


Blatant off-topic posts may be deleted, or moved to the appropriate forum without notification or a forwarding link. Consistent off-topic postings in General may result in disciplinary action.