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  1. ROAR of the Pelican (CR123 Explosion during use, firsthand account)
  2. Cyclops Flashlight Explosion
  3. 123 Primary Lithium cell info/testing/links
  4. explosion when charging li-ion cell, Universal Smart charger set on wrong voltage
  5. Welcome. Before posting, READ THIS!!!
  6. Reference to the Roar of the Pelican thread.
  7. Panasonic CR123 cell explosion.
  8. The NewBie CR123 test thread
  9. Amondo Tech CR123 cell explosion
  10. A bunch of references
  11. felines. I am not one.
  12. Emoli - safe? Heck no!
  13. Lithium Ion cell Categories
  14. Battery Packs
  15. Surplus Ammo Boxes as a safe storage solutions for batteries?
  16. My AW 18650 leaked, is this possible?
  17. Battery Holder/NiMH Close Call
  18. Shorting Risk in Aftermarket 123-size Battery Sticks
  19. Setting up a charging area.
  20. Don't drop your RCR123s
  22. how a li-ion cell works, short clip
  23. Another single cell lithium primary vents - IMPORTANT UPDATE
  24. Electrolux vacuum explodes & Recall
  25. Hot batteries in Fenix TK40
  26. 123 storage danger
  27. Old Ni-Cd's
  28. My experience with cheap batteries
  29. "4. don't charge in series without balancer leads going to each cell. w/independent c
  30. How many things do you find wrong?
  31. My IMR Needs CPR
  32. Reversed polarity charging, please help.
  33. Close call with a Surefire CR123 in an EX10
  34. Another HP Notebook Li-Ion Battery Recall
  35. R CR2 Cell "Situations" - anyone ?
  36. Charging multiple 18650 cells?
  37. Another 123 explosion
  38. too funny to be true?
  39. Help! I need a quick answer! Almost had a protected AW 18650 go up on me!
  40. Fenix PD20 Blew up!!
  41. Worried about these
  42. Sanyo Ni MH AA Hot out of the charger.
  43. Battery Fire in Sheriff's Office
  44. Nimh short circuited
  45. Alkaline battery leak. Is it dangerous?
  46. Sunbeam C size battery explosion
  47. Sun Safe Cr123's ?
  48. When KD tells you to not put more than one amp through their battery adaptors...
  49. News Report of AA NiMH explosion during charging
  50. Li-ion (18650's in particular) in Australia