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  1. anyone familiar with IC LED drivers?
  2. thoughts on Batteryspace PCM's? (protection circuit modules)
  3. reed activated mosfet switch diagram
  4. does anyone sell "matched" batteries?
  5. FEELER: gold plated battery contact springs
  6. My first light
  7. My second light!
  8. best TPI for a twisty
  9. Help! 1.4A driver only delivering 700ma...is it me?
  10. My 3rd light: P7 2x18650
  11. single MCE + single LiFePo (3.3v nominal) @ 2+ amps = what driver?
  12. Build Log: 1 x 18650 w/ MCE or XRE & various optics (batch of six)
  13. XML otf lumens @ 2.8 amps?
  14. I'm crazy...and going to start making lights full time
  15. (SOLD OUT) Dark Sucks pre-production run (MCE/1x18650/2.8A/3 mode)
  16. Source for GITD tailcaps?
  17. (SOLD OUT) Dark Sucks Run #1 (1x18650, MCE, 2.8A, McClicky, 500 lumens)
  18. Dark Sucks: --wanted--feedback on new prototype head!
  19. Source for quantum tunneling composite?
  20. Dark Sucks: tentative warranty policy...your thoughts?
  21. FEELER: Custom tailcap boots (multiple colors)
  22. Dark Sucks: Research Poll- what do you want to see?
  23. FEELER: Dark Sucks, Carbon Fiber bodied Alpha
  24. subscription paid, no change in account status
  25. 2x CR123 @ 2.8A (linear driver) ... thoughts?
  26. (SOLD OUT) Alpha: Run #2 (30 pcs) (1x18650, 3 mode, 2.8A, McClicky, 430+ lumens)
  27. FS: Dark Sucks: LF2XT Ti pocket clips
  28. FS (Dark Sucks): Titanium Pocket Clip + GITD for Surefire, Solarforce, Elzetta, etc.
  29. Limited Edition (RUN SOLD OUT): solid copper Alpha (or two tone w/ alu body)
  30. Check out my YouTube channel!
  31. Adjustment to my MC18-B lumen rating, please read!
  32. (SOLD) : One-Off Alpha - Titanium Nitride Coated
  33. FS: Black & Flat Dark Earth Cerakote...one light each flavor
  34. 18350/RCR123 size Alpha "Shorty" pre-order!
  35. Dark Sucks Alpha XM18-B: Amazing!
  36. FS: Alpha Run #3 - 1x18650, 3 mode, 2.8A, McClicky, 450+ lumens
  37. POLL: what finish do you like best?
  38. SOLD: One-Off Alpha - Finned & Fluted head
  39. Come see me at SHOT!
  40. Re-Thinking my logo...need your input!
  41. My latest creation!
  42. Research: Help me understand your purchasing decisions!
  43. Any interest in raw, un-plated lights?
  44. FOR SALE NOW: Titanium zipper pulls!
  45. Myth Busted: Thermal Paste Beats Thermal Tape
  46. Mr. Archer6817j
  47. Feeler Thread for Custom Machined Lanyard Ring For 6P Series Lights...
  48. My Alpha turned itself on...
  49. Warm / Neutral / High CRI LED options!
  50. AVAILABLE NOW: HDS and Peak Eiger Ti Pocket Clips