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  1. The 26650 Flashlights Thread
  2. The 1000+ Lumen Beamshot Thread, SR90, SR91, SR92, Big Bruiser, Dry 3*XML, Scor Turbo
  3. Eagletac D25A, D25A2, D25C, D25C2, D25LC2
  4. New Year SPECIALS! Custom P60 XML 1000 Lumen Drop in Warm/Neutral/CoolWhite
  5. SOLD FiveMega Single 26650 D36 Host
  6. All Sold! Custom P60 thrower Drop In
  7. Closed for Orders: SST-50 1200 Lumen P60 Drop In
  8. XRE-R2 De-Dome P60 Pill $22 5 Mode 1.8A
  9. vinhnguyen54 Balder SE-1 CREE XM-L T6 900 Lumen, MODDING SERVICE AVAILABLE HERE!
  10. !!!PICTURE!!! P60 THROWER Drop in Cree XRE-R2 EZ900 Small Die High Surface Brightness
  11. $40 for all 3* XRE-R2 P60 drop in
  12. vinhnguyen54 4sevens Maelstroms Modding Service
  13. REDUCED 3X vinhnguyen54 Random Modded Lights
  14. Vinhnguyen54 Run 5 Cree XML P60 Drop In 1000 Lumen, McClicky Switch
  15. vinhnguyen54 How To Wrap A P60 Drop In
  16. vinhnguyen54 Random Modded 1/2/12
  17. vinhnguyen54 How Clean A P60 Reflector
  18. vinhnguyen54 Maelstrom G5 XRE-R2 VS Thrunite Scorpion V2 + Turbo Head
  19. vinhnguyen54 SST-90 P60 Drop in
  20. CLOSED
  21. Withdrawn to give away on Run 5 XML Sale Thread
  22. Maratac Copper AAA With High CRI XPG LED
  23. vinhnguyen54 Cree EZ1000 XRE-R2 P60rop D In 1.75A/2.1A Single ModeNEW LEDs IN
  24. vinhnguyen54 Spark Headlamp 950 Lumen at 3.42A with XML-U2 :-)
  25. vinhnguyen54 First HDS LED Swapped!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  26. vinhnguyen54 D26/P60 XML Drop In Run 6 Sale Thread NEW PILL AND REFLECTOR AVAILABLE
  27. ALL SOLD vinhnguyen54 Assembled D26/P60 Drop ins XRE, XPE, XPG, XML, SST-50
  28. vinhnguyen54 Olight SR90 & SR91 De-Dome
  29. vinhnguyen54 Modding McClicky a Switch for Solar Force Hosts
  31. vinhnguyen54 Drivers For Sale, 4 more Deerelight Drivers
  32. I am a new Gun Fan! Please educate me!
  33. Trustfire TF-R2 Host that takes P60 pill
  34. vinhnguyen54 Cree Green Red Blue P60 D26 Drop in
  35. vinhnguyen54 Assembled P60/D26 Drop In 4.13.12
  36. vinhnguyen54 Nichia NVSL219AT-H1 4500K, 92 CRI, B10 Bin P60/D26 PRE-ORDER SALE THREAD
  37. Modding/Repair Helpline ... Get your answers here! :-)
  38. vinhnguyen54 XRE-R2 EZ900/EZ1000 P60/D26 Thrower Drop In, UV, Color, Hi CRI also here
  39. vinhnguyen54 Lights and drivers for sale 5/16/12
  40. vinhnguyen54 Homemade Photography & Videography Light
  41. ALL SOLD vinhnguyen54 Special Discounted P60 Drop Ins 6.4.12 MORE ADDED
  42. SOLD vinhnguyen54 $25 Budget Aspheric XRE-R2 Single Mode 3-6V 2.1A Zoomable 70K Lux
  43. vinhnguyen54 My Brightest Maelstrom X10
  44. vinhnguyen54 Lux Readings On Some Lights . Share Yours Here!
  45. vinhnguyen54 D26/P60 XML-U2 Cool White COPPER PCB 1300 Lumen Drop-In SALE THREAD
  46. vinhnguyen54 Olight SR90/SR91 SST-90 Swap to SBT-90 for Greater Throw Service PHOTOS
  47. SR91 SST-90 VS SR90 SBT-90 VS DBS EZ900 VS TN31
  48. vinhnguyen54 D26/P60 XML Drop In Run 7 Sale Thread ALL COPPER PCB SOLDER FILL NOW
  49. vinhnguyen54 Special Discounted P60 Drop Ins 6.28.12 PRICE DROP
  50. vinhnguyen54 D26/P60 XPE-R4 & XP-G2 Drop In