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  1. KLARUS RS80 is proud of appearing in the latest film
  2. KLARUS at IWA Outdoor Classics 2015
  3. KLARUS CH1, smart charger with power bank function
  4. KLARUS CH1, smart charger with power bank function
  5. Taking Klarus NEW ST30 to outdoor!
  6. Taking KLARUS new ST12 for summer vocation, Bright flashlight, price for bright guy!
  7. Klarus xt1c And xt2c Compatiability
  8. Multi-color, multi-purpose, UV function, Key chain light! FL1A
  9. Special for May!!!
  10. 4 Bay charger with independent system and display Voltage invidiually
  11. Any XT1C upgrades to come soon?
  12. Klarus new products XT15, Long-distance beam light with charging function
  13. 2 new GEARS, Ultra-quiet tactical flashlight, Non-visual Touch Operation
  14. NEW Chargers, C8, C4, C2
  15. klarus first smart ring tactical light with RECHARGEABLE FUNCTION
  16. Let's see the new POWERFUL. three heads, bike light before available!
  17. Presell, 10% OFF, Klarus BK30/The World’s First Adjustable Triple Head Bicycle light
  18. Klarus New ANGLE FLLASHLIGHT \, MAX 1080 lunmens
  19. RS30 KLARUS First Dual Head Rechargeable Flashlights with max 2400 LUMENS
  20. Christmas, Nov/Dec Specials
  21. Flashlight reveiw
  22. Klarus G30 limited version for Thanksgiving, Christmas
  23. XT2C
  24. Why Don't They Change the Models?
  25. KLARUS XT10 SUIT is available shipping !
  26. Klarus RS20: Incredible Light, But.... 🔦
  27. KLARUS Review Reward Campaign, Suggestion collection
  28. 🔋Klarus Dual-Polarity 18650 Battery Question
  29. KLARUS NEW FH10 3 color options in a single long-range Adjustable beam Hunting flashl
  30. Update reward policy for flashlight review and suggestion
  31. Find the Movie to Win KLARUS RS80 !!!
  32. XT1C ... anything on the way? XPL HI w/ higher output, maybe?
  33. XT-12 Power Issues
  34. KLARUS 3600mAh battery is available shipping!!!
  35. Klarus Warranty Issue
  36. Can Klarus XT2C Take RCR123A 3.7V?
  37. 🔦 Can Klarus XT2C Take RCR123A 3.7V?
  38. Purchased AR10 with problems
  39. NEW XT11S,1100 LUMENS, 330 meters, 3 Settings meet tactical, outdoor require!
  40. Where to buy Klarus ST15?
  41. I WANT YOU--ST15, 1100LM,Easy-to-use, dual switch, super-bright Flashlight
  42. Klarus G20 (26650/18650 USB rechageable) Flashlight pass-around
  43. problem with the g30
  44. KLARUS 5th Anniversary Celebration
  45. New XT2C w/ XPL HI
  46. For charging difference batteries? A K1 can help!
  47. How could possible that 1 AA flashlight drive to MAX 700 LUMENS???
  48. For MI7, 14500 li-ion battery, Klarus have
  49. Klarus G10
  50. G10 or G20? NEW KLARUS G20! 3000 Lumens tiny guy, Coming and see, LOL