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  15. Springfield Armory New Firearms debut at SHOT Show 2016 Media Day
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  17. Leatherman Tread
  18. If you live in US and don't have binoculars
  19. Small case for one flashlight or pocket knife
  20. Powder coated custom colour mini pry bar
  21. Rossi Circuit Judge Buttstock Blues
  22. Signal Mirror
  23. Guinness Verres Gravity Beer Glass TIP
  24. FerroMags and Fire Steels
  25. EDC/Get home bags
  26. Buget Knife and Multitool
  27. Fire steel lanyards at night. Field tested.
  28. Tom Bihn - post here
  29. www.idealconceal.com
  30. Anyone ever heard of or used Atlas46 tool storage products?
  31. Belt sheath for Mallkoff Wildcat V6?
  32. EDC Gear Review: NITECORE Utility and Daily Pouches NUP10/20 and NDP10/20
  33. Yeti Hopper 20 and Yeti Ice Combo
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  35. Thyrm Battery Vaults
  36. Watch recommendation - Seiko vs Hamilton vs ?
  37. Wood Tarp Clip - Make your own fasteners in the field when needed
  38. EDC Gear Review: Nite Ize S-Biner with SlideLock, MicroLock plus GearLine
  39. What is your modern fire kit?
  40. /Lightweight/ gear recommendation - for the Camino de Santiago trail
  41. Multimeter
  42. Plasticase 935 Nanuk 6UP Pistol CASE. AMAZING
  43. My new UK legal full size EDC Multitool / Multi-plier
  44. Upgraded the bear defense.
  45. Brighter colors are better for survival.
  47. Nitecore NEB10
  48. Nitecore NDP20
  49. UST Paratinder Review. Walmart Survival.
  50. Matchbox Plastic W/Matches Coleman Review. Walmart Survival