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  1. {{ Stuff that just works }}
  2. Adventure *FAILS*
  3. So... Once Upon a Time...
  4. Not enough gear (HEFY Peru 2014)
  5. Current Powerball $
  6. Malkoff Hound Dog on Skunk watch
  7. What'll come first?
  8. Thermal hog eradication 14 hogs down
  9. A Short Romance Story involving EDC Gear
  10. An Autumn Squall Line (another romance story that somewhat involves EDC gear.)
  11. My Own Zombie Apocalypse (another story I wrote.)
  12. A Day at my Grandparents' (children's story I wrote)
  13. A Teenage Student Worker and His Eveready No. 1259 Flashlight (long winded.)