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  1. Hello From Manker
  2. About Manker and Giveaway
  3. Manker E14 (4*Cree XP-G2/ Nichia 219B) is releasing
  4. Manker U21 XPH35 HI Runs of Single Lithium Battery is coming soon.
  5. Please price for Manker E11(Simple version of Manker T01)
  6. Manker E11 (Simple T01) EDC Flashlight Is Releasing
  7. Manker U21 Small Thrower Is Releaseing
  8. Info on U11?
  9. Any plan on 1xcr123 flashlight? Any plan on metal (instead of rubber) switch?
  10. Manker Micro USB Charging Pen Light PL10 is Releasing
  11. Manker MK34(12*Cree XP-g3/ 12*Nichia 219B) is releasing
  12. Manker T01 Ⅱ is releasing
  13. Manker U21 NW version is available now
  14. U11 reprogram
  15. Manker P20 titanium tactical pen is releasing
  16. Manker E21 is releasing
  17. Manker E12 2AA 650 lumens Flashlight is releasing
  18. Manker LAD 300 lumens EDC keychain lighting tool is releasing
  19. E11 operation with IMR battery
  20. Manker Prototype
  21. Manker MK35 Cree XHP35 HI 4*18650 2550lumens 1420meters Super Thrower is Releasing
  22. Manker MK41 2000 Lumen Cree XHP35 HI/HD Led 4 AA/14500 Popcan Flashlight is Releasing
  23. Manker E02 and E14Ⅱ Global Review Campaign
  24. Manker E02 L shaped AAA 220 Lumens magnet tailcap multifunction flashlight is releasi
  25. Manker E14 II 2200 Lumens 18650/18350/CR123 Copper Head EDC Power house flashlight is
  26. Manker MC11 is releasing
  27. Manker E02H headlamp is releasing
  28. Manker Godmes iOS App Doesn't Work
  29. Manker E03H Headlamp XPL CW/ Nichia 219C AA battery is releasing
  30. Manker Timeback II 2200 Lumen Titanium Spinner Flashlight is releasing
  31. Manker U12 is releasing 20700 Battery XHP50.2 Type C Charge Port 2000 Lumens
  32. Manker E02 Titanium Version Get Available Now.
  33. Mankerlight 3 Year Anniversary Edition (Manker T01s) is releasing
  34. Manker PL21 200 Lumens 2x AAA Penlight is releasing
  35. Manker U22 1500 Lumens Pocket Thrower is releasing
  36. Manker MK39 Ranger 6000 Lumens 1100Meters Flood & Throw Flashlight Is Releasing
  37. E04
  38. E14 II
  39. U11 Charging port not working.
  40. Mankerlight - Black Friday Coupon 30% off for all Manker items at www.mankerlight.com
  41. MK 34 Switch broken
  42. Ney Manker,Can I get your lights in the USA and from the USA>