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  1. Rofis TR20 18650 rechargeable anglelight flashlight
  2. NEW USB Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight Rofis KR20, 1100 Lumens, 336 Meters
  3. NEW Rofis KR10 1100 Lumen LED Flashlight
  4. Best Gift!!! Rofis ER3A Miniature LED Flashlight is available in multiple colors
  6. NEW Rofis TR18 1100 Lumens Magnetic Adjustable-head Portable Compact LED Fla
  7. Flashlight Review
  8. My first impression of Rofis TR18
  9. TR18 in my eyes, smaller and lighter than TR20
  10. Beautiful shape and artful design, easy to take with
  11. The operation of ROFIS TR18
  12. The comparison between TR20 and TR18
  13. Water Resistance Test for TR18
  14. The variation trend of the TR18's central illuminance at one meter distance
  15. NEW Rofis TR10 Ultra Compact Angle Light Powered by RCR123 or CR123 Battery
  16. Rofis TR10 Completely Portable-convenient Pocket Size Anglelight
  17. ROFIS TR10
  18. The operation of ROFIS TR10
  19. Water Resistance Test for TR10
  20. NEW Rofis G01 LED Weapon Light
  21. Rofis New Variable -Output Angle Light TR 15 is launched
  23. ROFIS New Flashlight R1 Looking for Experiencer
  24. The "Purrfect" Rofis TR10 Experience
  25. Rofis R1 Features Comparison with Rofis TR10
  26. ROFIS MR70 26650 Dual LED Flashlight Will Be Released! Looking For Your Attention ~~
  27. ROFIS R2 Angle flashlight has been launched,real meaning is rotation the flashlight
  28. New product release: ROFIS R3 rotation flashlight - different from normal
  29. New style TR20 isn't waterproof?
  30. New product release -21700 LED flashlight king - ROFIS MR30
  31. New product introduction-ROFIS TC1 touch control compact EDC flashlight